We sell flavour.  Both living plants and dried herb/chilli blends. 

Our living herbs are all UK grown and we love them!  We know you do too.   

Our unique herb blends allow you to bring extra flavour to the dinner table.  It's nice to impress your family and friends with unique flavours.  They make great gifts too.  Perfect for encouraging younger family to get into cooking.

We have also begun to specialise in very hot varieties of dried chillies which are incorporated into our dried herb blends.


We are still super busy with our living herb season.  It's been a crazy one.  But our unique dried herb blends will be back in stock again soon.  Perfect for those late summer barbecues.  Oh...... also for all you chilli lovers out there.  Our chilli plants are coming along nicely..... and will be yielding loads of lovely HOT chilli fruits.  Carolina Reaper anyone?