family business, family values.

"Family business" is not just a marketing slogan to us.  It is quite simply who we are.  Our customers are used to seeing our sales team at markets, but there is a family business behind the scenes helping us to grow and source fantastic quality UK grown living flavour.

Our product is so important to us - it is quite simply our livelihood.  That is why it is always high in quality.  When you buy a plant from us - you buy in confidence that it has not been sitting on a shelf without water or light for weeks on end.

Our ethos

We believe that life should be full of good food with strong flavours.  We think that you should grow your own flavours, improve your quality of life and save yourselves money!

We regularly sell out of 'foodie favourite' produce such as Thai basil or Vietnamese Coriander because our knowledgeable customers realise how expensive it is to buy fresh.

Equally our family is living proof that reconnecting with nature and growing your own is very good for your all round health.

putting on a show

We are proud to exhibit at the biggest food, drink and grow your own - shows in the UK.  Event organisers know that our stand attracts visitors and provides a unique sensory experience to visitors.  Our 'pop up' herb shops are always staffed by a team of 'herb-geeks' who know and love their product.