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"I'm still using our Christmas ones from last Christmas
but as they are such good quality they last a longer time
than shop bought ones..."

-Rosie, Birmingham.  October 2018

"We are regular customers of Urban Herbs & stock up every time we are in the UK. The great thing about the little herb jars are that they are perfect travel companions. You never know when you need to spice up a meal or add some flavour, as we have done many times, in Iceland, Borneo, Costa Rica and Malaysia. Our cupboards would not be complete without a selection of Urban Herbs dried herb mixes. Our favourite remains the NAGA hot curry mix, as we both like our spicy food. In addition to being the life and soul of a good curry, using Urban Herbs ensures we are purchasing from a trusted supplier and supporting a family business"

Evan and Yan, Singapore.  October 2018