Kate vs Andy: the debate Continues

do  you like it hot??

Behind Urban Herbs is a couple: Kate and Andy.  From time to time all couples have "healthy exchanges of views" on a variety of subjects.  Kate and Andy are no exception to this rule and "chilli" or use of heat in the cooking is definitely a regular topic of "healthy exchange of views.  Visitors to our stands at BBC Good Food Shows will know that on occasion these discussions happen quite regularly!  Sometimes we wonder if we end up confusing our customers about which six herb blends to put in their gift bags.  After all, Andy will encourage people to explore our Chilli/Herb Fusion range while Kate will gently usher them away from the Spicy end of the shop towards what she calls our "traditional classy" range of unique herb blends.  Perhaps customers think that this discussion is some kind of act to drive up sales?  If only it were!  We really do disagree about the level of heat that we enjoy in our cooking.

Kate loves the Rosemary Garlic and Sea Salt blend that we produce so much!  This blend contains all the essential ingredients that she enjoys in a meal.  It is really nice as a seasoning on meat during the cooking process, allowing the flavours to melt through the meat.  The Italian Mix is another favourite which she argues is full of "hearty flavours" to warm you up on  cold winter evening.  She is right.  The Italian Mix adds zest to most pasta dishes and is great as a seasoning for Lasagna.  We are getting quite into home made pizzas too - and the Italian Mix is great there too - mind you we find a little goes a very long way!

Now Andy does not disagree with any of the above.... but.... feels that there are many occasions in which a little Habanero Chilli definitely adds something to a dish.  It certainly warms you up on  cold winters evening.  Sometimes traditional dishes can be improved in a surprising way when chilli is added.  Home made Curry dishes have been vastly improved by a small seasoning of our Naga HOT Curry Mix.  Our Caribbean Mix contains only a trace of Scotch Bonnet Chilli but without it the flavour would be much diminished.  This is not 'super hot'.  (Mum puts it in home made soups and says it is 'spicy enough' without being too much.) Andy's love of chilli continues despite his having to wear face protection when blending our hot mixes.  Is that dedication or stupidity?  The debate continues.

Fortunately you do not have to decide!  Those that agree with Kate can purchase the lovely classical flavours contained within our Classic Herb Gift Bag.  Whereas those who love their Chilli can go for the Spicy Herb Gift Bag!