classic herb collection

This is a lovely collection of some of our favourite dried herb blends. It really is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life. We have been selling the blends in this bag for about four years now and each year we refine them slightly based on customer feedback. We are really happy that we are now selling six really delicious and versatile blends in this collection.

Which is our favourite blend?

That's tough. We probably use the Italian Mix the most (we eat way too much pasta!). Andrew's favourite is currently the Sea Food blend, it is delicious as a seasoning on salmon. Kate loves putting the Sage and Chive blend in home made soup that she takes to work for lunch.

A collection of our classic dried herbs.

Contains blends:
Tarragon Chicken
Sage and Chive
Bouquet Garni
Herb Provencal
Italian Mix
Sea Food Mix


A collection of our chilli/herb fusion blends.  For those that like it hot!  Some do!

These blends have been put together with lots of help from fellow chilli fans and other Birmingham based street food vendors.  See more about our unique production and 'market research' approach here!

How hot are they?

Our blends are not designed to be ridiculously hot.  However, they are made using Scotch Bonnet, Habanero and Naga Ghost Chillies.  These are very hot chillies and should be treated with respect.

A COLLECTION OF OUR herb-chilli fusion blends:

Contains blends:
Caribbean Mix
Hot Curry Mix
Naga HOT Mix
Scotch Bonnet and Thyme
Spicy Sea Food
Habanero Pasta

When we show our herbs off at BBC Good Food Shows up and down the UK we allow visitors to our stand to design their own Dried Herb Gift Bag. Everyone is different, cooks differently and enjoys different flavours so now you can use this page to design the perfect dried herb cooking kit for the foodie in your life!

Choose any 6 jars and choose any colour gift bag. Complete check out and we will send your selection to you.