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Back in 2012 we began to experiment with developing a “winter product” to fill the space in our calendar when people are not wishing to purchase as much growing flavour from us as they might during the spring and summer.  We developed this secondary product by drying and blending herbs.  Very quickly we realised that this was actually no longer just a “secondary product” that we had actually developed some strong and unique flavours.  Customers began contacting us asking us for more during the following year.

Crucially feedback from customers was really honest. The Italian Mix was one of our first blends and it went down very, very well with customers.  Who doesn’t love pasta and pizza?  Despite the positive reaction some of our keen foodie customers began to make suggestions regarding the blend, regarding the balance of the ingredients, to which we responded and adjusted accordingly for 2013.  This was market research at its very best, not paying a survey company to survey random passers by but by actually talking to our customers and listening to their reactions.

We developed our Caribbean Mix in 2013 by talking to a local Caribbean street food chef.  He actually asked us to mix up some background spices for his cooking and we were happy to do so.  He helped us produce the Caribbean Mix which is on sale in our shop today, producing an original, unique and surprising flavour that definitely reminds us of our honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Posted 3 weeks ago